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General Life coach and counsellor

What intereventions can you expect from a Life coach and Cousellor:

  1. Develop new skills.

  2. Capitalise on your strengths.

  3. Overcome weaknesses.

  4. Expand your comfort zone.

  5. Improve your thinking.

  6. Eliminate limiting beliefs.

  7. Clarify your goals and priorities.

  8. Develop empowering habits and rituals.

  9. Stepping out of yourself and moving into a greater positive space.


educational management consultant

As your Child Management Consultant, I offer the following services:

  1. Analysis of educational and psychological assessments.  

  2. Recommendations & guidance on therapies.

  3. Liaison services between schools, therapists & parents.

  4. Parental coaching and guidance.

  5. Child coaching & skill-building.

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