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With many years of experience in working with both children and adults, I bring a wealth of experience to my counseling and coaching systems and therapeutic interventions.


I hold a BA in Education and Psychology with a post-graduate certificate in Counselling, specializing in Family and Relationship Therapy and Trauma Counselling. I am a qualified and certified LIFE COACH with a diploma from the School of Achology, in England, and attaining a further diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as being a registered member of the counsel for counselors of South Africa.


 Through my professional and personal lens, I assist you in navigating the overwhelming challenges that life presents by dealing with emotional struggles, negative behavioral patterns, addictions, and generalized anxiety disorders. Combining my skills, experience and training, I have a deep and unique empathy for my clients. 

About Me
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Child's Educational Consultant


Family and Relationship Counselor


General Life Coach

Blue Water


Joseph shows incredible empathy, sincerity and thoughtfulness when listening and responding to you. 


Very professional and makes you feel very comfortable and easy to talk to.


Joseph's coaching and support were invaluable. He understood our situation, listened actively and offered effective solutions from an objective perspective.

Blue Water


My trauma counseling has positively developed into wider life coaching. Joseph is very professional, yet easy to talk to. His knowledge and personal experience provide practical solutions to be considered and applied. I was originally skeptical about online counseling but are pleased with the outcome.


Working with Joseph has been the best decision I have made. I have been able to work through many personal issues from low self-esteem, co-dependency, confusion as well as trust issues. He understands my need for order and simple tools to help me make changes in my life. His approach is professional with a level of "friendliness" which I find refreshing.


Joseph is very relatable and knowledgeable. He approaches sessions in a very straightforward way and manages to be kind and gentle whilst still dropping truth bombs that crack the shell wide open. After only 2 sessions I already feel seen and heard.

Blue Water


I highly recommend Jaybee Consultants.
Joseph is professional, kind, and caring. He is able to provide a fresh perspective on things and does so in a gentle manner. He is very knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience.


Joseph is very thorough and thoughtful in his approach. He's also very professional. You don't feel rushed and you leave feeling understood and on the path, you are working towards. Offloading, unpacking, reflecting, resolving, and healing - the journey has been an uncomfortably good one so far. This is a safe space to unravel and put your pieces back together.


I've had about six or seven sessions with Joseph and he is a fantastic coach! He challenges my conceptions very respectfully, provides great empathy, and brings a lot of wisdom to the sessions. He listens very well and draws very accurate conclusions, which he will then confirm with me to ensure our mutual understanding.

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